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Our three wellness brands are becoming one.

From April 2018, Generation Health’s three existing health and wellness brands  – The Wellness Architects, Actif and LiveWell – will all be providing services as the Wellness Architects.

This change enables us to utilise our existing infrastructure; systems and processes in a more integrated and streamlined way, which will lead to better outcomes for all of our clients and customers.

There are no changes to any existing contracts or service level agreements with our Actif and Livewell brands, and key internal contacts and support persons remain the same.

Importantly, the tailored services currently offered by our LiveWell team will remain as a service offering under the Wellness Architects – becoming our premium health and wellness offering.

To coincide with the merging of these brands – and to further simplify business practices – all Generation Health brands (with the exception of Interact Injury Management) will move to a e mail address in April.

The Generation Health brands are displayed in the visual below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following people:

Matt Buttsworth – 0408 078 194

Kylie Patchett – 0436 407 640 (LiveWell services)

Well-being Apps Imprison Us in Private Emotional Experience

An interesting article that makes the point that most wellness apps lock us up in our private emotional experience rather than helping us connect with people. Every reputable piece of research in psychology now tells us that this is the wrong approach to well-being. The question is: will we continue to consume the thousands of well-being apps and the self-help industry in general (now a $1 billion a year business just in the United States) in the same quantity or is this segment of the industry potentially facing a big financial hit?

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Workplace Movement Evolution Forum

It was our pleasure to be involved in the Workplace Movement Evolution Forum by Blue Earth this month.

Blue Earth is a national health promotion charity on a mission to improve the health of all Australians and address the burden of disease that is associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

The focus of the forum was to promote movement and physical activity in the workplace, in particular standing vs sitting.

Our very own Executive General Manager, Mr Chris Rabba was invited to speak at the forum on workplace health worldwide trends and how to promote positive behaviour change using workplace wellness strategies & initiatives.

Technology – Its place in health

Technology today plays a vital roll in health.

We are seeing (more and more) the role of wearable devices and their positive impact on our health & wellbeing, not only by way of tracking things like steps and workouts, but monitoring vital biometrics.

This article highlights an example where a wearable device saved a man from having a heart attack.

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