The Taxi and Limousine Counselling Service has been established to support Queensland taxi & limousine licence holders and operatorsas a result of the structural re-adjustment of the personalised transport market.

Counsellors are able to assist you by discussing and working with you to manage any personal impacts you or your family may be experiencing as a result of the new framework.

The service is completely free for registered Queensland taxi & limousine licence holders and operators.

Totally Confidential

The service is confidential, nothing that could identify you or the content of your discussions is shared with third parties.

Counsellors will listen to your concerns and provide sound practical advice to help you care for yourself and your loved ones.


Queensland taxi & limousine licence holders, operators and their immediate families.

There is a requirement to provide evidence of your association with the licence (taxi or limousine) by providing a copy of the licence, or for an operator by providing a copy of your operator authorisation.

Discuss a Variety of Topics

A wide range of topics are welcome for discussion including managing anxiety and worry, coping with change, planning and problem solving, discussing things with your family, alcohol and other drug use, getting healthy sleep, thoughts about suicide, managing any current mental health symptoms and more.

What to Expect from the Service

Three sessions are available to you.

Initial sessions may be via phone with your first call or scheduled at a time convenient to you

Two follow up sessions can be scheduled via phone, video conference or in person in most locations

Counsellors will assist you to access local health services for further help if required

Our Counsellors

The service is provided by Psychologists registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority and bound by the Australian Psychology Society Code of Ethics

Not Sure?

If you are unsure if you need help, a quick call for a safe, confidential and professional opinion may be of assistance.

Support Line

1300 763 168

Monday – Friday

7:00am – 7:00pm


Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Understanding & Managing Depression

Understanding & Managing Stress

The Three Minute Breathing Space

Overview of Pain Management

How To Sleep Better

Relationship Issues

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Gratitude Exercise


The Queensland Government has established a $100 million Industry Adjustment Assistance Package to assist the existing taxi and limousine service licence industry to transition to a more competitive market. The package includes a range of financial, advisory and incentive measures. Like the new framework, the industry adjustment assistance package is being implemented in stages.

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More Information

The Taxi and Limousine Counselling Service is proudly brought to you by The Wellness Architects on behalf of the Office of Small Business.

The Wellness Architects is an Injury Treatment Company.


1300 763 168

Monday – Friday

7:00am – 7:00pm